Judge: Kirby McDonald

Promotion of safer roads, safer people, safer speeds, or safer cars

Encouraging community discussion about road safety

Highlighting the severity of consequences of poor road safety

I put myself in the position of the local reader - does this article make me stop and think, or encourage me to be a better driver/motorist?

Border Watch (Winner/ First Place)

Two very strong articles, both similar in use of images and breakout box information drawing the readers eye.

(Regional Crashes Take Toll) Use of full background imagery on the front page (even behind masthead) drove significant impact for the story with key statistics front and centre. The front-page quote was impactful, providing a· different point of view some likely don't think about. Page 3 provided a breakout map putting in to picture how many fatalities have occurred in the one region so far - I feel this is important for readers to get a visualisation of the issue. The article also surfaced the key recommendations from the Police interviewed, placing the issue in the reader/driver's hands, noting the need for behaviour change. By interviewing the Limestone Coast Police Officer in charge (Superintendent Phil Hoff) it gave the article a sense of authority and severity.

(Dirty Dozen) Harrowing bold statistics featured on the front page highlight the severity of the issue and risk to the local community. Followed by a well written piece utilising hard hitting numbers and statistics - and proof along the left side of the article with a list of those caught drink or drug driving.

The Gawler Bunyip (Second Place)

(Emotional Toll) Eye catching title, very well written using statistics and quotes from the Officer in charae - I also thought the call out between Metro and Cou􀂇try driving was well done. Strong imagery and a breakout box to demonstrate how severe the local road toll was.

(Barossa' worrying trend) Bold title to highlight the issue, with another well written piece using harrowing statistics and results from recent roadside testing.

Angaston Leader (Third Place)

(110km to 80km speed limit reduction) Both articles tied together very nicely. I think the right amount of coverage was given in both articles (length of story and use of large images) and it was great to see a real story (Ellaine) surfaced to bring home why the reduction was needed. I found coverage of Clayton Scott's story and passion was well written, hearing the need for change from a Funeral Director is very hard hitting. 

The Mt Barker Courier (Special Mention)
(Back from the Brink) A strong article, and great to highlight a local advocate for road safety and provide front page coverage. I felt the article could have been longer and delved a little deeper into Holly's story, focusing on road safety more, potentially on what she spoke of to the 8000 high school students (i.e. useful tips for the reader from a real survivor).

(Horror Smash) Again, a strong article with front page placement. The article demonstrated to me that anyone can have an accident and I feel it would have served as a sad but powerful reminder to the local Hills area. Use of the car crash scene was very impactful.

Murray Pioneer
(No Risky Business) Eye catching on the front page of the paper, and good coverage of a lesser focused road safety issue -impatience! Use of statistics and road toll comparison year on year was impactful. I also thought putting onus on the community around negative commentary was a great wake up point. I thinkSara did a great job covering this issue.

Yorke Peninsula Country Times
(Crash Corner) While certainly a very important issue for locals-I felt the Port Wakefield articles were heavily focused on Infrastructure and did not focus greatly on road safety. A larger piece could have been developed making a stronger case for why the changes were needed (i.e. recapping accidents, statistics etc).

Plains Producer
(Truck Safety) A good article highlighting a lesser focused on road safety issue. However, the article centered on the accident first whereas potentially an introduction explaining the title of the piece and the key need to give trucks more space would have made for clearer flow of reading. I actually had clearer understanding of what the article entailed form the "Comments for the Judgen section. I couldn't connect with the severity of this issue as easily as other submissions, potentially due to lack of imagery of those noted in the article. Key takeouts on heavy vehicles could also be made more prominent in the article for the reader (a break out box or infographic for example).

(Owen Hamley Road)
t felt the article focused more on infrastructure changes and did not provide solid evidence on previous issues (statistics, multiple personal stories of accidents/near misses).



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