Judge: Sean McGowan


The Courier, Elisa Rose

“Done and Dusted”

Red dust falling from the hand of a weary farmer, his reflection in the stagnant water of a sheep trough and a still windmill in the background. The elements of this image were crying out to be linked in a single image and Rose has done well to bring them together in a visually commanding composition that outlines the story at a glance.


The Border Watch, Sandra Morello

“Trash Tipping Point”

An interesting image asking the viewer to inquire further which is the essence of good news photography. A higher shooting angle might have captured less roof and more of the sea of cardboard and a neutral coloured box would be less distracting than the bright blue.


The Courier, Elisa Ros 

Smoking Rates

A visually striking image, technically demanding, let down only by its lack of shadow detail causing crushed blacks on the subject’s face. Ideally the subject’s lips would be better lit so that the viewer is subconsciously assured that the stream of vapour originates from the mouth and not a hidden pipe. A white reflector of some type, foam core or a dinner plate perhaps, might have splashed a bit of light into the shadows or a tiny squirt of off-camera flash might have helped. Alternatively, RAW format provides greater latitude for processing in Lightroom


Plains Producer, Ethan Allen

Allen provided consistently strong images in his entries and showed a flair for posing subjects in portraiture. His imagery might be enhanced with various advanced lighting and focusing techniques like off-camera flash, light modifiers, background underexposure and background defocusing for subject isolation. Certainly an upcoming photographer to watch.


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