Judge: Greg Herrick

Thank you for the opportunity to judge this year’s Best House advertisement for 2019. Although there weren’t many advertisement entries the quality and various sizes certainly made for interesting judging and certainly a tough one. To judge each advertisement we followed the criteria provided to give us a clear indication of what was expected and to help rank each advertisement out of 100 points. The competition for Best House Ad award was extremely close, in fact only 20 points separated all the entries, in saying that we do have a winner and four newspapers came equal second, only five points was the difference.

Equal second place:


*The Border Watch Newsgroup.

*The Southern Eastern Times.

*The Penola Pennant.

*The Leader.

*The Border Watch Newsgroup of newspapers came up with a terrific idea of connecting their staff with the community by profiling each staff member every fortnight in a clear concise easy to read full page.

The editorial content was interesting and fun to read, you feel as a community member you have met or got to meet people that are an important part of our society that you may or may not have known.

The layout was clean, photography brilliant that certainly gave it a relaxed feel and look…all newspapers should consider this great connecting with the community idea.  

*The Leader.

Well done to The Leader for publishing a testimonial advertisement, the advertisement was clean, lots of white open space; the testimonial was short sharp and straight to the point telling people the advertisement worked, multiple bookings and then thanking the Leader team for creating an eye catching advertisement.

The other noticeable very smart thing with the advertisement is the Karen Paech advert being placed in the testimonial advertisement off centre, very creative because your eye goes straight to the whole advert.


The Border Watch Newsgroup.

“Want a career and not just a job”

Certainly this full page reverse red advertisement is big bold and ballsy, to change from doing the normal mundane job vacant advertisement this certainly has gone to the next level, well done for taking the next step in doing so. I can see why you received many resumes and phone calls with regards to the job.

The wording was straight to the point and I do like the paragraph …

We don’t want you sitting in an office, we want you out there visiting businesses and coming up creative solutions to help them grow, also …you want a career, not just a job. Then send in your resume.



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