Judge: Mark Clemow, Business Director, Blaze Wavemaker

Overall judging comment

It was a very difficult task to judge these awards.  Of the 35 entries across the two categories, not one was undeserving of recognition for the thought that went into the preparation and presentation of the ad. I especially appreciated those entries that included an endorsement from the client.

After a long deliberation and many reviews of the entries, I arrived at the winners, however I feel every entry requires recognition for reflecting the quality, professionalism and pride in country  newspapers.  Congratulations to all of you.  You are all winners!


The Leader.  Lyndoch Motors.  Mitsubishi Triton.

This ad (part of a campaign) reflects what country newspapers are capable of creating when they take control and assemble all of their resources.  On the surface, this looks like an ad that uses existing national brand creative, but this isn’t the case.  Even though it followed national brand guidelines, all of it was locally designed, styled and photographed by the team at The Leader.  All the more impressive was its adaptation for multiple platforms, including social and digital.


Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  M.A. Skinner - We’re number one with your number twos.

This ad ticked all of the boxes in the judging criteria.   An appealing headline, clean and open layout and originality.  The spot colour is excellent for standout on the page.

The ad achieved it’s purpose of communicating that a business known for earth moving, sand and metal supplies for over 30 years also hired toilets and showers.  The call to action is a clear telephone number and the client reported his toilet hire business is in motion.


The River News.  Waikerie Garden & Landscape Centre

This is a quirky little ad that caught attention with a bold and familiar headline, good use of colour to match the message and a serious photo to support it.  A simple address and logo is the call to action, with a nice personal connection with a photo of the client.

The possibilities of an ongoing series of quirky creative seems endless.

Special mentions

The Murray Pioneer.  Riverland Steel

This ad made me smile, with it’s funny headline and almost absurd picture.  Seasonally appropriate, with a great call to action, including an incentive.  The strap line personalises the ad and the business.   The ad is part of a 52 week campaign and on its own would have provided a fun and memorable reinforcement of the client’s brand.

The Border Watch.  Sugar ‘n Spice

These small ads prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to impact.  The client indicated they “pop” with bright colours to stand out on the page.  The consistency and changing message reinforces the top of mind of the brand and their various products.

Other entries (in no order)

The Border Times.  Ben’s Constructions

These ads for a local building firm are very tasteful and real.  One talks of building dreams on beams and the other of the tension of overcrowding.  They are simple, but real, situations that every home builder and/or home owner thinks about and they reinforce the emotional decision.   There is great potential to expand the idea.

Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Well Burger Me

An attractive ad with a bold and catchy headline.  Has the potential to create a promotion for people to repeat the headline in the store when they order a burger.  Could be developed in a fun series - think tarts, chippies, sangers, buns, slices, cups etc

Border Watch.  Dr Try

Am informative series and a way to build a presence for a client in a serious business.  There is potential to lift it to another level with some creative executions along each theme, rather than just a change in the colour to the same template.

The Murray Pioneer.  Flight Centre

Nice executions to reflect the season, with a personal touch photo of the client’s team.  Effective reinforcement of a national brand.

The Courier.  Aldgate Village Meats

A tasty visual presentation of delicious cuts of meat, with words that effectively convey range and quality.  The location and mission of the client is clear.  An effective ad, however from a brand perspective it spoke more of the product than the business.  The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed. 

The Courier.  Stirling Hire

An effective ad for showing a range of machinery and equipment available from the client.  Good use of colour to reflect the photography and nice white space.  The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed. 

The South Eastern Times.  3MP

This series of ads, which appear on the front page, make a very clear statement about the purpose and range of the business.  They vary in creative content and make good use of colour and co-product/brands associated with the business.

The South Eastern Times.  Generations in Jazz

Attractive, contemporary ad style, making good use of full column depths.  Very bold, clear information and call to action.   The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed. 

The Leader.  Barossa Village

A large and bold ad, with an intriguing and bright hero image.  A nice local connection and good copy to reinforce connections with the community.  Locally relevant and resonant in its content and timing.

Penola Pennant.  Good Country Physiotherapy

A nice small ad that effectively conveys the message  and various action points.  It would work well as a series addressing the various services on offer. 

Plains Producer.  Butch Bennett

A clever idea to use some humour around the client’s core business.  The “crack” position is effective - proven by customers who are asking the client to show them his crack!   It’s well worth evolving and perhaps building a promotion around it.  It would be better to localise the photography where stock images have been used

The Bunyip.  Hillier Park

This is a nice, emotive advertisement that creates a good impression of a client in a very competitive business sector.  It would work well as one of a series of ads with varying creative that captures the emotional connection of proximity and convenience.  The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed. 

The Loxton News.  Loxton Lutheran School

These are cute, friendly and colourful ads that convey a very simple message in a fun and engaging way.  It’s a nice way to address various topics and questions around independent Christian schooling.  The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed. 

The Loxton News.  Riverland Motor Group

A nice seasonal ad that plays on the wintry Santa theme to present a Christmas safety message.  Nice use of colours to create a feeling of cold and slippery!   It would be good as the foundation of a series of seasonal messages with varying creative.   The entry needed some information on client feedback and how the ad performed.



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