This year's entries are good, but are down on last years, because the association lost a major newspaper shareholder. May I suggest for next year, if it is not already done, to use direct mail plus emails to owners, managers or advertising managers for notice of the awards and to generate interest and activity.

As a general rule people only read 20% of emails and also dismiss many of the 20% they read (researched fact!). Direct mail, if you can afford it, provides the best response.
This year, unlike last year, there was not as much supporting material for award entries.

First Place - Best Advertisement - Priced Product Advertisement was awarded to Plains Producer for its standout full page advertisement for "Cool ideas from Clewers Betta".

The products were large, the big clear prices neatly placed over the products, the page was well printed and the pictures of the products reproduced very well. Each product was described succinctly underneath the well-produced picture of the products.

For the serious potential purchaser of the products, the dimension and size of each unit could assist buyers with more information as well as their power usage rating, extra copy of course! If any reader was in the market for these white goods the clean presentation would certainly arrest the eye of the reader.

Areas for a tiny improvement in this advertisement would be to perhaps increase the headline "Cool Ideas" and reduce the company name as it appears again at the tail of the advertisement. Newspaper advertising these days often copies layouts that appear on websites, etc. with the company name at the top, then the offer, when in fact everyone is concerned about the offer and then who it is from or where you can get it.

The advertisement is clean, easy to read, good layout, crisp photographs, with a little extra care it could gracefully appear in a glossy magazine, well done.

2nd Place - Best Advertisement - Priced Product Advertisement was awarded to Yorke Peninsula Country Times for their page busting advertisement "Meals are back".

The entry was accompanied by good supporting material including results from the advertisement. Yorke Peninsula Country Times have been a section winner before.

This particular advertisement is similar to their past winning style. The advertisement has a bold compelling headline with a very well reproduced photograph of a hamburger, chips and beer in the background to wash down the meal.

If you are a meat eater you would see the offer fast. A well laid out advertisement with a good picture may improve a little by not putting the price of the meal in red with a black background.

The great $13 meal deal, the crux of the matter, could have been 20% bigger, white on black to compliment the local headline and the first class picture telling the story.

3rd Place - Best Advertisement - Priced Product Advertisement was awarded to The Leader Barossa Valley - Beam Internet.

This ongoing campaign was presented to last year's awards. The "cat is back", a continuing newspaper campaign obviously has been well identified in the local area and aligned with Beam Internet. The relevant copy in the headline and secondary copy has real meaning to anyone contemplating moving to the NBN.

The full page advertising has an eye catching headline, although I would like to see all designers and production staff utilise capitals and lower case more often as capitals and lower case letters are 35% easier to read. The undulating nature of capitals and lower case letters excites the eye.

The cat with his glasses is an eye stopper, the detailed copy is easy to read on the left hand side of the advertisement and the bottom right hand side of the advertisement is exactly where your eye finishes while glancing at the advertisement.

The details in the bottom right hand comer is contact info of the company and it says what it does. It is a copy book layout.

As an active sales operation for many years, I have seen the local newspapers provide its audiences with great advertisements made up of excellent layouts, of great headlines, engaging pictures and well designed and presented typography.

Over time, as every newspaper moved to be printed offset, we have seen bold reverse black spots ( advertisements with reverse type) and then the advertisement with spot colour and over a period, the principles of good layout and design rested.

Many newspaper advertising designers think that wild collections of colour in an advertisement make for a great advertisement, rather than laying the principles of good advertising design to each advertisement, asking the questions: Can I easily read all the type in the advertisement? Is it eye catching? Does it have an offer? Does it reflect the professional nature of the business? Is there an opportunity for results and the measurement of results? Is it part of a campaign? Has it been effective?

The last question is always the difficult one unless the creators of the advertising know the market area and its potential. Locally produced advertising and locally produced local newspaper campaigns have been constantly improving for many years.

A Thought For The Future

Within the local newspaper we should swap as many successful campaigns from area to area or state to state to make it as easy as possible for the sometimes time short advertising executive, who often has to do a rough layout, get the pictures and do the copy for the advertiser and to come up with the ideas in the first place for the advertiser!

The campaign by "The Leader" in the Barossa Valley for Beam Internet is where all our newspaper advertising needs to be, where the advertising sales executive demonstrates a great relationship with the advertiser and empathy with the client's business.

All sales representatives need to strive to understand the client and his business to serve them in a professional manner and in the end drive sales for the newspaper and action for the client.


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